A doggy party can be staged for all kinds of occasions. You can throw this big bash for your dog’s birthday party, for when they come home after a stay at a kennel or doggy hospital, or even for when your pup is expecting their first litter.

To keep your doggy party as seamless as possible, here are some preparation mistakes to avoid.

  1. Ill-planned invites

You want your pup to have fun during their doggy party. If their personality is more laid back, and they are best with only a few other pups in the room, consider this when sending your invites. Overwhelming your pup with a horde of guests will only make them miserable when they are supposed to be having fun.

With this in mind, invite your pup’s best buddies at the park. Or their fave classmate from obedience training. Refrain from inviting dogs they have never been acquainted with.

  1. Staging a doggy party indoors

If you don’t have a back or front yard, your safest bet is renting out a pet-friendly public venue for your party. You do not want to throw a party indoors no matter how spacious your house or apartment is.

A pack of dogs is fun to watch, and all but you can never fully anticipate what can happen. If you want to be spared from stressing about broken furniture or peed on carpets, refrain from making this mistake.

  1. Uninteresting decor

A party should be colorful. So go loud as you can with streamers and posters and banners. Throw in vibrant hats in the equation and go wild with ribbons and whatnot. The only mistake you can make here is keeping your venue as lifeless as lifeless could get.

  1. Not enough food and beverages

How many dogs and humans do you plan to invite? Once you have decided on this matter, the next thing to do is carefully calculate the amount of food and drink supplies you will need. Partying can deplete the energy of your guests, and you want them to have sufficient sources of fuel.

So stock up on both dog and human foods. Have a steady flow of beverages in the fridge and water bowls strategically placed in your party venue. You certainly don’t want your guests leaving your party with an empty stomach and parched mouth.

  1. Boring games

The phrase boring games is almost an oxymoron. Games are meant to be fun. So plan it out thoroughly. Research online for the most fun games there are, which can be enjoyed both by your human and furry friends.

A “best trick competition” is always a clincher when it comes to party games.

  1. Zero souvenirs

You want your big bash to be remembered by your guests for as long as possible. This you can ensure by handing out souvenirs. Gift bags will do the trick. So long as it is packed with exciting doggy supplies.

You can give out gift bags specifically for your human guests as well.



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