Are you a dog or cat lover?  What does the answer to that reveal about you?  Is your true personality revealed by whether you are a ‘dog’ person or a ‘cat’ person?  Research says it is and that we don’t pay that fact enough attention.  It ought to be one of the first things we want to find out about someone we are thinking of dating, choosing a dentist, lawyer or therapist, hiring a nanny or other employee and especially who we might marry.

The Differences Between Dog and Cat Lovers

There are obvious differences between dogs and cats, and owning one, or the other requires different kinds of commitments.

Dog or Cat Lover
Dog or Cat Lover

Dogs need exercise.  So a dog owner must be more open to spontaneous social experiences.  Have you ever taken a cute little puppy for a walk and found that every person you encountered from the very young to the very old wanted to stop and admire him.  These social interactions spring up in elevators, streets, parks, and dog runs.

Dogs, by nature, require considerably more work than cats.  What does that mean in relation to a dog owner?  Does that owner need to be more accommodating and willing to work harder at relationships than a cat person?  Does he live a more complicated life than a cat person?

Dog or Cat Lover
Dog or Cat Lover

Cats, on the other hand, generally live longer than dogs, so a cat owner enters into a longer contract than a dog owner.  Does that mean that you can trust a cat owner for the long-haul commitment and can look forward to quiet evenings at home?

“Cat Owner” may be a misnomer because people tend to be owned by their cats, unlike dogs who tend to be owned by their people.  Does this mean that the cat person probably doesn’t have the control issues that a dog person may have?  Are they more self-sufficient?  Do they not require validation from others that a dog person perhaps does?  Dogs give us the opportunity for social benefits from others, but only visitors to our homes actually get to meet our cat and then only if our cat wants to meet them.

So, what does being a dog person or a cat person have to say about you?

Well, here’s what science has to say –

  • Dog people are less neurotic and more extraverted than cat people.  However, studies also showed that dog people were less open to experience than cat people.
  • A study conducted on 600 college students found that dog people are more lively and outgoing than cat people.  It also found that cat lovers while more introverted than dog lovers are also more open-minded and more sensitive.  Cat lovers were also found to be more non-conformist than dog lovers and interestingly scored higher on intelligence tests.  They were also found to be more intellectually curious.  This study also discovered that 45.6% of cat people wanted affection, while 38% of dog people were looking for companionship.
  • Your choice of pet may even reflect your political perspective.  Liberals were shown to prefer cats and conservatives were more likely to prefer dogs according to a survey conducted by Time.  Research conducted by Beatrice Alba and Nick Haslam appear to support this.  They found that dog people scored higher on Social Dominance Orientation, competitiveness, interpersonal dominance and narcissism.
  • Their testing discovered that dog people scored higher on SDO and competitiveness; but, they weren’t any more narcissistic or assertive than cat people.  This test implies that dogs are more popular among conservatives.
  • Interestingly, in the 2012 U.S. election, 9 of the top 10 dog-owning states voted solidly Republican, while 9 of the bottom 10 dog-owning states voted for President Obama.

There is lots of room for both cat people and dog people in the world.  But, should they marry one another?  What do you think?

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