If you have a soft heart for canines and animals in general, there is nothing sadder than encountering stray dogs.  You must be able to handle this situation, if it arises, as smartly as possible.

First order of business

No matter how much of a dog lover you are, you must still exercise utmost caution when dealing with strays. The reason for this is your obliviousness to their history. You don’t know what vaccines they lack. You also don’t know how they respond to strangers invading their space.

So approach with caution. Or better yet, let the dog approach you. This way there’s no risk of intimidating what is probably an already intimidated pup.

Once you’ve successfully tamed the dog and vice versa, the first order of business is looking for any kind of identification they might have on them. You are both lucky if there are contact details of the owner in the dog’s collar. After this things will be easy breezy.

If there’s no more than tags regarding vaccination, you may want to consult with the vets within your immediate vicinity. These vaccination tags could be traceable.

In the absence of dog tags, you might want to consider knocking on your neighbor’s doors or giving them a phone call. One of them might be looking for their escape-prone pet. Or, at the very least, they might point you towards helpful leads.

Now if you cannot commit to finding the stray’s parents, please contact the closest pet shelter in your residential area. They can then assume the responsibility for this.

Word of mouth

It is best for you not to give up easily, however. While pet shelters will willingly take in the pup you’ve chanced upon, you won’t know how aggressively they will perform their parent search. If you are a dog parent yourself, you probably know that a lost pup is a huge heartache and you might want to spare someone else from it.

Now what you can do is exhaust everything at your disposal to search for your fellow dog parent. You have traditional media like a newspaper to carry out your goal. Or you can distribute printed materials to your area’s most crowded places.

Also, modernize your search. Social media exist for reuniting estranged beings. So use this tool to your advantage. Create a public post with all the pertinent hashtags. Encourage your friends and their networks to share the post until it goes viral.

Once your post reaches viral mode, it will only be a matter of time before you find yourself talking on the phone with a nervous dog owner who can’t stop telling you about their immense gratitude.

If the result of your search did not go as planned, you would have to pick from two choices. The first choice is to have a nearby shelter for pets to assume the search responsibility on your behalf. The second is opening your home to your new canine friend.

Choose with your heart.


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