Some of the most famous pups from movies and TV shows are included in this test of your ‘dog knowledge.’  They are every bit as recognized and loved as their human co-stars.

How many can you get right from the questions and clues below?  The answers will follow after the questions.


  1. Name the Golden Retriever who played basketball.


  1.  Name the Akita Inu who waited for his master at the train station every day including after his master died until this dog died himself.


  1.  Name the stray St. Bernard that George Newton and his family adopted.


  1.  Name the Yellow Labrador Retriever in a movie about the experiences of a young couple new to the world of dog parenting.


  1.  Name the Rough Collie whose name was in the title of a 1943 movie.


  1.  Name the American Staffordshire Terrier with the ring around his right eye in the Little Rascals series.


  1.  Name the German Shepherd who starred in a long-running series about an orphan boy called Rusty and his dog.


  1.  Name the Parson Russell Terrier in the Frasier television series.


  1.  Name the Beagle famous in both the comics and films who had dreams of becoming ‘world famous.’


  1. Name the Bordeaux Mastiff in a 1989 movie starring Tom Hanks.


  1. Name the Labrador Retriever/Mastiff mix in a sad movie made in 1957 about a boy and his dog where the dog dies at the end of the movie.


  1. Name the Golden Retriever in the television series ‘Full House.’




  1.  Buddy from Air Bud


  1.  Hachi from Hachi A Dog’s Tale


  1.  Beethoven from Beethoven


  1.  Marley from Marley and Me


  1.  Lassie from Lassie Come Home


  1.  Pete the Pup from Our Gang later known as The Little Rascals


  1.  Rin Tin Tin from The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin


  1.  Eddie Crane from Frasier


  1.  Snoopy from Snoopy Come Home


  1. Hooch from Turner & Hooch


  1. Old Yeller in Old Yeller


  1. Comet from Full House



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