Can you pass this quiz for dog owners?  Answer the following ten questions, then scroll down for the answers.

  1.   Can a dog smell a teaspoon of sugar in a swimming pool?
  2.   Do dogs feel the heat more than we do?
  3.   Can dog urine corrode metal?
  4.   Are dogs sufficiently resourceful to solve their own problems?
  5.   Do dogs feel guilt?
  6.   Can dogs see in color?
  7.   Do dogs experience jealousy?
  8.   Is a dog as smart as a 3-year-old child?
  9.   Can dogs detect disease?
  10. Is a dog happy when he wags his tail?
Quiz For Dog Owners
Quiz For Dog Owners





  1. Can a Dog Smell a Teaspoon of Sugar in a Swimming Pool?

Yes!  Everyone knows that a dog’s sense of smell is a lot better than ours, but how powerful is it?  We have difficulty smelling a spoonful of sugar in a cup of coffee, but dogs can smell a spoonful of sugar in two Olympic swimming pools of water.

  1. Do Dogs Feel the Heat More than We do?

You bet they do!  First of all, you dress for hot weather.  Dogs don’t have that choice.  They are wearing a fur coat even in the hot summer.  Their body temperature is also 1 degree higher than ours.  The pads on their paws are the only sweat glands they have.  Combine all these things, and you will know to keep them hydrated and out of hot cars in the summer.

  1. Can Dog Urine Corrode Metal

Yes, it can corrode metal.  Dog Urine on the metal bases of lamp-posts causes them to crumble and collapse.  Discourage your dog from urinating on metal.

  1. Are Dogs Sufficiently Resourceful to Solve Their Problems?

Yes, sometimes.  In Russia, where there are a lot of stray dogs.  They learned how to get around on the subways to get to areas with more restaurants and food stands where the scavenging for food and even scaring people for food was easier.

  1. Do Dogs Feel Guilt?

No!  When you think those eyes are a sign of guilt, it isn’t.  What you are seeing is fear.  They don’t experience guilt.  They are simply in fear of your reaction to what they have done.

  1. Do Dogs See Colors the Same as Humans?

No.  Humans have three cones in their eyes to detect colors, but dogs only have two.  So, dogs see colors on a blue and yellow scale; but can’t distinguish between red and green.  However, their eyes have capabilities we don’t have.  Our night vision is not nearly as good as a dog’s, and their eyes take in information 25% faster than ours do.  This makes them better at catching a ball or frisbee than we are.

  1. Do Dogs Experience Jealousy?

Yes!  In a study, researchers discovered that it didn’t bother dogs when their owners didn’t pay any attention to them.  However, if their owner showered attention on a stuffed dog, their behavior dramatically changed and included snarling and snapping.

  1. Is a Dog as Smart as a 3-year-old child?

No!  A two-year-old child and a dog have equal intelligence, according to research.  A smart dog will understand up to 250 words and gestures.  They can even perform simple mathematical calculations.  The smartest breeds are border collies, poodles, German shepherds, golden retrievers, and Dobermans.

  1. Can Dogs Detect Disease?

Yes, they can!  Dogs are now being used in some hospitals to detect certain diseases, like cancer, diabetes, early signs of an epileptic seizure and C-Diff.

  1. When a Dog is Wagging his Tail, Does it Mean he is Happy?

No, not always!  How he wags his tail expresses different emotions.  If he wags his tail to the right, he is happy, and to the left means he is frightened.  Insecurity is expressed by wagging low.  Aggression is expressed with rapid movements of the tail accompanied by dilated pupils or tense muscles.



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