Unwanted pregnancy is always a problem, even when it is your male dog involved.  To keep this problem at bay, get to know how your female pet’s heat cycle works.


This part of the cycle lasts for as short as four days and as long as 20 days. As for the average duration, seven to ten days are most observed. Here are the signs of a bitch (the name for female pups), going through this stage.

  • Swollen vulva: The cycle of dog heat typically begins with this symptom. It is easily noticed considering the significant change in the vulva’s usual appearance.
  • Swollen teats: Compared to the swollen vulva, the swelling of a dog’s teats during the heat cycle is more difficult to notice. But it is nonetheless a recognized symptom of this period.
  • Discharge: If you see your dog licking her erogenous zone more frequently than the usual, you might be dealing with a pup in heat. To be sure, wipe their genitals with a clean tissue, and if there’s red discharge, you can doubt no more.
  • Suitors: Male dogs are gifted with such a keen sense of smell they can even detect the heat cycles of their female counterpart. If the neighborhood dogs suddenly decide to hang outside your fence, you might be housing a dog in heat.


This part of the cycle lasts for as short as five days and as long as 14 days. This is the actual period when your pup is fertile. About this time your pet’s discharge has transitioned from red to the color of straw. Although for some dogs, the discharge can still be a bit pinkish.

During the estrus stage, your female dog is ready to mate. They will willingly and instinctively accept a Sire. Physical manifestations of this include consistent whimpering, tail switched to either side, and your pup is wanting to venture out more and more.

This is the time you have to exercise utmost vigilance. That is if you are not ready for your pet to get knocked up. Usually, dogs at this stage will get creative in terms of consummating their natural instinct.

As a way of caution, double lock your doors or reinforce your fence. Seriously, however, exercise all means and measures to keep those sires away from your bitch if you are not yet prepared to be a grandpa or grandma.


This part of the cycle normally starts on the 24th day after the commencement of the Proestrus stage. It lasts for as short as 60 days or as long as 90. This is the time your pup has passed her fertile period.

She no longer runs the risk of getting impregnated by your neighbor’s irresponsible poodle. Although your pup can still prove attractive to male dogs so still be cautious when taking your princess outdoors.

Once again discharge will shift in color. That is back to red, before completely stopping. Her heat scent is still palpable around this time.


This is the last part of the heat cycle. Here your pup is more or less normal. This normalcy goes on for at least 60 days, and you’re back to day one of the Proestrus period.



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