Dog Jumps Off Cliff With Man Who Saved His Life — The Adventures of Chase and Paco

Some things are just meant to be!  The adventures of Chase and Paco begins with an adrenaline junkie named Chase who was always looking for the next adventure.

The Meeting That Was Meant to Be

One day Chase was on one of many desert cruises when the car in front of him came to a screeching stop.  Why?  What went wrong?  Then Chase spotted a little dog running towards him.  He got out of his van, and this wee dog excitedly ran up to him.

Sometimes there seems to be a match made in heaven, and that is what happened here.  There was an immediate connection formed between the two.  Chase immediately decided that he was going to keep this little dog and he named him Paco. However, little did Chase know that Paco would become the perfect partner for his adventures.  The video clips of their adventures together show a genuine bond.

The Adventures of Chase and Paco
The Adventures of Chase and Paco

Chase had always loved adventure.  Some of those adventures, before he met Paco, included snowboarding, cliff diving and swimming with sharks.  His escapades produced a growing following on YouTube where he regularly uploaded videos of one adventure or another.  It grew even more now that Paco was tagging along on these adventures.

Chase and Paco’s Story Begins

In the beginning, he would leave Paco in the van to keep him safe while he and his friends in their hair-raising activities.  Soon, however, it became apparent that Paco wanted in.  So, he decided to let Paco out of the van to watch his adventures from diving off the cliffs to competing with parachutes.

Paco Joins The Fun

Poor paco thought his owner had died when Chase dove off a cliff the first time.  But, he quickly calmed down as soon as he heard Chase’s voice.  Soon Paco wasn’t satisfied to simply watch.  He wanted to join in the fun.

Please enjoy the video below.  It will melt your heart to see these two enjoying their incredible adventures together.  They are two of a kind.

Courtesy of U Tube and The Dodo



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