Owning a dog is fun, but you also have to be responsible enough to make sure you provide all of your pet’s needs. However, your dog can survive without you breaking the bank. Although there are some expenses that are inevitable, there are still some that you can make a few adjustments to. Here are some money saving tips you can use.

Create your own dog toys

Most people spend a lot on dog toys not realizing that these toys often end up either destroyed within the first 2-3 days or just totally ignored by their dogs.
So instead of spending cash on toys, it’s a great idea to create them yourself. You can have do-it-yourself toys that could last longer than those commercially manufactured ones.

You can make your own flirt poles with just a stick, bungee rope, and a toy. Or you can create your own tug toy using an old shirt, or a sturdy rope. There are lots of do-it-yourself toys you can make for your dog.  If you use recycled materials, you’d be saving money and helping the environment as well. Isn’t that a good deal.

DIY dog treats

Another way to save money is by making your own dog treats. All you need is a little baking or cooking skills and recipes for dog treats. You can choose what dog treats suits your pup and your kitchen skills.

This will help you control the ingredients and the portion or sizes of the treats. You can make a healthier version of your usual dog treats.

Clean your dog’s teeth every day

Making sure to clean your dog’s choppers will help reduce vet costs later on. By cleaning your dog’s teeth, you are keeping tartar from building up. This will help avoid dental issues in the future.

Have regular vet visits

Taking your dog for a check-up regularly will help detect any medical and dental issues at an early age. It will be easier to treat and less expensive. This will also make sure that your dog’s vaccines and medications are up to date.

DIY dog bed

Yes, you can create a bed for your dog. There are guides you can find online for those. The thing about making a dog bed for your dog is you can choose the type of dog bed, the size, and the softness.

Groom your dog at home

All the things that a groomer does in a shop are things you can also do at home. You can trim your dog’s nails at home. You just need a sturdy pair of dog nail clippers and lots of patience.
Also, you can bath your dog. All you need are dog shampoo, water, tub, and towels to dry your dog’s hair. If you haven’t tried bathing your dog, you can read up on some dog bathing tips online.

Daily exercise

Your dog’s daily routine should include some exercise. It will help keep your dog within the ideal weight which means he will not be prone to serious illnesses related to weight gain or obesity. And he won’t have a problem with boredom, so he is less likely to become destructive to his toys and your personal belongings.

There are a lot more ways you can save money without sacrificing your dog’s health and total well-being. You just have to be creative.


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