Does your dog pull on the leash throughout a walk?  Is he constantly coughing?  Is he off to the races after a squirrel or even a leaf blowing by?  Neither a collar nor a harness will fix these problems.  You need to teach your dog to walk beside you at the pace you set.

Should you use a collar or a harness?  A collar is what everyone used in the past, but with the introduction of harnesses, many dog owners are switching.

The pros and cons below should help you with your choice.



Choke collars and prong collars inflict pain and create negative feelings for a dog in regards to walking.  They should never be used.


  • You can attach ID tags to a collar.


  • If your dog is pulling on a leash, it can lead to neck problems.
  • Permanent damage can result from the pressure on the trachea. A raspy cough and a collapsed trachea can occur.
  • They are especially dangerous for short-faced dogs like pugs. Their eyes could pop out from the pressure around the neck.
  • Dogs can slip out of a collar and escape.
  • They don’t facilitate teaching a dog how to walk on a leash properly.




  • The pressure is on the body, not the neck.
  • It is designed to fit all shapes and sizes.
  • It allows your dog to breathe freely without constriction.
  • They are nearly impossible to escape.
  • Unlike a leash, there is no reward for pulling with a harness. A harness is a better tool for training a puppy or dog to walk correctly.
  • Comfortable, breathable fabrics are used for harnesses.
  • It provides better control to keep your dog from jumping.
  • A harness is easier on your back and arms if you have a strong or a large dog.
  • For small dogs, a harness disperses pressure over a large area of a dog’s body, reducing the strain on his neck and back.
  • If after lying down or sitting, your dog needs a little assistance getting back up, a harness will help to pull him up gently without causing him pain or discomfort.



  • It may take a little time for some dogs to adjust to the feeling of it on their body.





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